arivis Vision4D 2.11 Release Notes April 2015

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 2.11 Release notes - Version Date: April 30, 2015

Release 2.11

Analysis Pipeline, Image Processing & Annotations


  • Analysis Pipeline UI renewed
  • All voxel operations are temporary by default (keeps the original data safe and unchanged)
  • Save voxel modification as a new scope or file if needed
  • Define the input source for all of the segment or track operations (ability to branch)
  • Interactive Track Editor allows you to correct or edits segments and cell tracks semi-automatically and visualizes segments tracked over multiple time points so you can edit, split and merge existing tracks
  • Voxel mask with annotation
  • Ability to rename pipeline operations to reflect the purpose
  • Ability to import existing document annotation for further analysis
  • Trainable Segmenter (Ilastik Classifier)
  • True 3D filter: Denoise & Objectness Measure
  • Unsharp Masking Filter
  • More features (e.g. current frame, channel based intensity, …)
  • Volume Mesh Exporter
  • MATLAB Voxel Filter 
  • MATLAB Script Filter 
  • MATLAB Voxel Segmentation
  • Operator to directly export results to Excel or CSV
  • New unified annotation model used for document annotations and analysis results
  • Completely new Annotations window with support for feature calculations
  • Export annotation features to Excel or CSV
  • Annotation Visibility Palette
  • Switchable float on top window behaviour for Annotations window


  • Dual Thresholding Segmenter with a third Core parameter
  • Units for bounding box feature
  • Optimized undo redo behavior for analysis operations
  • Pipeline management
  • Calculation precision
  • Analysis scripting

Visualization in the 4D Viewer


  • Solid navigational plane in the 4D Viewer


  • Rendering and lighting
  • 4D Storyboard Frame-Progression



  • User Gradient entry in the Colorbar context menu
  • Add or remove channels in the Info Viewer
  • Ability to sync the selected annotations in split view mode


  • Overall stability fixes & performance optimizations
  • Internal refactoring to support upcoming cool new features and products

File formats & Data handling


  • Aperio (SVS) Media Handler
  • Batch Alignment for multiple planes in the Tile Sorter
  • Row and colum displacement for grid layout in the Tile Sorter
  • Mouse Wheel Zoom & Drag Tool in the Tile Sorter


  • CZI import with support for AxioCam MR3
  • Multi file CZI import
  • Auto Color Range during import
  • LSM import performance
  • TIFF export


  • improved IntensityProfile updates on data changes
  • Personal Webview: reworked HTML frontend with support for touch events (e.g. on an iPad)


  • Color handling for DeltaVision import
  • FEI Tiff import
  • IntensityProfile for datasets with offsets
  • ROI clipping problems