arivis Vision4D 2.11.2 Release Notes July 2015

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 2.11.2 release notes - Version Date: July 15, 2015

Release 2.11.2

Analysis Pipeline & Annotations


  • Filter annotations by current plane or frame in the Annotations window
  • Specify custom analysis region by using selected annotation as a template
  • Ability to specify working channel for each Analysis voxel operator
  • Analysis operator to combine segments lists
  • Ability to create a 3D segment from multiple 2D annotations
  • Optional scalable sphere representation for annotations in 4D-Viewer
  • CSV import for convolution filter kernel
  • Geometric Centroid feature & ability to use for tracking
  • Scripting for Annotations

Image Processing


  • Matlab UI 
  • Syntax highlighting for Matlab scripts
  • More documentation for Matlab scripts
  • Better visualization for selected tracks in 2D
  • Track Editor UI
  • Scripting for Analysis Pipeline

File formats


  • LaVision OME-TIFF mosaics
  • LSM mosaics



  • Ability to delete restore points
  • Reclaim disk space by defragment a dataset
  • Assign channel color mapping by wavelength


  • Overall stability and performance for the TileSorter
  • Frame timestamp visualization harmonized
  • UI is more "flat" now
  • Apply a time interval to all frames timestamp
  • A lot of stability improvements for the Analysis Pipeline​


  • Coloc m1 & m2 calculation
  • Artefacts in 3D Denoising Filter
  • Changing frame timestamp in Info Viewer
  • Preserve offset from FEI TIFFs on import
  • Miscellaneous fixes and optimizations