arivis Vision4D 2.12.1 Release Notes April 2016

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 2.12.1 Release notes -  Version Date: Apr 29, 2016

Release 2.12.1

Visualization in the 4D Viewer


  • Restore 4D settings when switching between different viewers, scopes and the Analysis Pipeline
  • 4D Clipping Planes available as Sectional Plane in the Projection Viewer
  • Lighting and projection included in bookmarks
  • Different mouse cursors for the different 4D tools
  • Cursor feedback if the mouse hovers over an object
  • Multi-selection for geometry and annotations using the shift key
  • Deselect objects by left click in an empty space
  • Auto-size centroids as a visualization option for annotations to approximate object dimensions
  • Option to specify mesh quality of annotation objects
  • Option to specify the amount of smoothing to be applied to annotation objects or isosurfaces upon extraction
  • Simplified measure options in the Settings Bar
  • Option to disable momentum
  • Option to set custom color for isosurface extraction
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Storyboard actions
  • Video encoder now offers PNG support


  • Storyboard: Improved and much faster movie export by introduction of GPU caching strategies
  • Overall support for 32-bit float datasets
  • Improved 4D visualization of annotations
  • Better handling of opacity in 4D Channel Settings
  • Better visibility and logarithmic scaling of histogram in 4D Channel Settings
  • Restructured Annotation visualization options in the 4D Settings Bar
  • Geometry palette and isosurface extraction user interface improved
  • Bookmark sorting improved
  • 'Slices' renamed to 'Clipping' in storyboard
  • Various fixes and optimizations regarding geometry, clipping and annotations

4D Geometry- more options to visualize and extract Iso-surfaces

Multiple Sectional Planes visualized in the Projection Viewer

Image Analysis & Annotations


  • Batch Processing Analysis for unattended execution of a pre-configured arivis analysis pipeline on a series of images
  • Analysis Pipeline: Segment Colocalization Operator with export of distance table in Excel
  • Analysis Pipeline: Improved Result Storage Operator with an option to save individual voxel filter results to a new file or scope
  • Particle Enhancement Filter 3D to find to find rounded particles in a noisy image
  • Possibility to run the Analysis Pipeline up to certain operation
  • Analysis Pipeline: Fast Access to context sensitive help (F1) for single operators in the pipeline


  • Restoration Filter has been renamed to Partical Enhancement Filter (2D)
  • Touching Edge Segment Filter improved
  • Track Editor shows the current track at the current frame upon opening

Batch Processing Analysis for unattended execution of an pre-configured arivis analysis pipeline for a number of data sets

Better visualization and more options to find tracks and segments

File Format & Import & Data Handling


  • Import: Olympus OIR media handler
  • Tile sorter: support for manual rotation of tiles and plane shift for tile stacks
  • Tile Sorter: support for source data with tiles organized as scopes


  • LIF import with stage positions



  • Custom Gradient dialog with a preview option to check the result beforehand
  • Color gradient template files accessible as preset directly in the Color Bar and in the Custom Gradient dialog
  • System Check Utility directly accessible from Vision4D help menu


  • UI layout for scaled displays with size set to 125%
  • Better visibility of histogram in the Color Curve Palette