arivis Vision4D 2.12.3 Release Notes October 2016

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 2.12.3 Release notes -  Version Date: October 10, 2016

Release 2.12.3

Visualization in the 4D Viewer

New & improved

  • Interactive split of segments in the 4D Viewer
  • Possibility to join (merge) touching segments
  • Delete key to remove several selected annotations
  • Easier access of annotation visualization options in the settings bar (switching from surfaces to centroids)
  • Preview for isosurface extraction
  • Import and export of geometry objects as obj-files considering or ignoring pixel size
  • Rename geometry items (via context menu or F2)
  • Improved naming of default isosurface item
  • Change color, visibility and clipping for geometry objects
  • Synchronization of the XY plane in the navigator palette and the clipping plane in the 4D Viewer
  • Improved usability of the 4D Channel Settings palette
  • New opacity curve templates added for better visualization of faint structures (maximum intensity) and certain intensities (bandpass)
  • Storyboard: allow setting for keyframe transitions to non-integers
  • Storyboard: adjusted default parameters for faster movie export
  • Option to inactivate interpolation (useful for rendering of histopathology z stacks)
  • Supersampling for denoising movie and high resolution export can be enabled or disabled in the preferences
  • Improved Render Settings palette
  • Better interactivity of the 4D Viewer on change of color map settings

Image Analysis & Annotations

New & improved

  • Annotation Visibility palette greatly enhanced and renamed to Annotation Settings
  • Option to show all or selected annotations in the 2D or 4D Viewer
  • Group segments by track in the annotation table
  • Export annotation features to XLS grouped by track
  • Copy feature values to clipboard
  • Create a new segment or track filter based on the selected feature value
  • Filter segments or tracks comparing feature by range
  • New default unit is µm
  • Time-based gradient color-coding of tracks or segment-color-based color-coding (in 2D & 4D)
  • Open the Track Editor from the track's context menu in the Annotation window
  • Ability to add or remove a tag to a group of selected annotations
  • Batch Analysis: improved support for large number of annotations in the Add Region dialog
  • Creation of missing folders for analysis export (if needed)
  • Warning if an operator's preview is working with unprocessed data
  • Improved: segmenter's preview is switching to the right input data first
  • "Copy Annotations" renamed to "Duplicate Annotations"

File Format & Import & Data Handling

New & improved

  • Transformation Gallery - Transformation and resampling of image data including cropping, rotation, change of bit depth and dimensions, flipping
  • Drift correction using a track of a defined immobile object for more accurate quantitative analysis of drifting time lapse data
  • Bleaching Correction for time lapse data
  • Export complete scope rotated according to Sectional Plane from Projection Viewer
  • new in Projection Viewer: Minimum Intensity Projection mode
  • Olympus VSI media handler
  • NDPI multi focus support
  • Faster import for NDPI multi-channel data
  • Option to import data into a GZIP compressed SIS
  • Preventing a problem with Nifti data


  • Improved User Guide PDF
  • General stability and performance optimizations

Public Preview

These features or potential new modules are available as a free beta-version during our development process after which they may become purchasable modules.

Feature Statistics

  • Interactive Feature Statistics in the Annotation window
  • Timeline View in the Feature Statistics to sort, analyze and visualize tracks and features of segments along a track over time
  • Segments of selected tracks automatically included
  • Easy addition of connected segments (in a track) for selected segments

Scope Fusion & Landmark Registration