arivis Vision4D 2.12.4 Release Notes December 2016

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 2.12.4 Release notes -  Version Date: Dec 06, 2016

Release 2.12.4

Visualization in the 4D Viewer

New & improved

  • Export of 360° videos from the Storyboard
  • Create 360° panoramic image in the High Resolution Dialog
  • Isosurface extraction now allows a higher smoothing factor

​Image Analysis & Annotations

New & improved

  • Export of several segment features along a track using  "Group by Track" in the export annotations operator
  • Better use of memory for 3D filter operators for faster image processing
  • Switched to ITK 64bit lib

File Format & Import & Data Handling

New & improved

  • Improved BigDataViewer Import
  • Possibility to edit the scope offset in the Info Viewer
  • Tile Sorter grid option to place the first tile centered

Data Pre-Processing

New & improved

  • Faster preview in the Transformation Gallery
  • Python script command VolumeGetPoints