arivis Vision4D 2.12.5 Release Notes June 2017

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 2.12.5 Release Notes -  Version Date: Jun 26, 2017

Release 2.12.5

Visualization in the 4D Viewer

New & improved

  • ​new: lighting setup is included in preferences
  • new: lighting palette now has options for shininess 
  • new: point light option added
  • new: ability to choose the timestamp font in movie export
  • new: option to specify volumetric data and segment clipping separately
  • new: ability to edit the Bleach Correction parameters for exponential fitting manually
  • improved: handling for bookmarks from older arivis Vision4D versions
  • improved: squad interpolation for Storyboard movie export rotations
  • improved: display relative time stamp in exported movies

Analysis and Annotations

New & improved

  • new: ability to do a pipeline run at downscaled image data resolution
  • new: Background Subtraction operator
  • new: completely reworked Store Annotation operator allows to handle multiple input at once
  • new: Store Annotation operator will be added automatically
  • new: ability to modify tags in the Store Annotation operator
  • new: Store Annotation operator will keep annotation color
  • new: option to keep stored annotations even if a pipeline undo is performed
  • new: ability to copy selected annotations to Analysis or Document storage manually
  • new: reworked Import Annotation operator UI with auto complete for tags
  • new: reworked Annotation Mask operator with the option to choose by tag and tag auto complete
  • new: ability to combine multiple segment or track filter in one pipeline step
  • new: Ratio Filter is now part of the Segment Filter operator
  • new: each operator in a pipeline can define color settings for the output
  • new: a segmenter or tracker operator can customize the name pattern used for newly created annotations
  • new: Export Annotation operator will show useful features only (depending on if the input are tracks or segments)
  • new: Export Annotation operator will export the names of the tracks in group by track mode
  • new: Coloc Filter exports filtered results only to the Excel file
  • much improved Intensity Threshold UI
  • improved: random color option is more random now
  • improved: Dual Threshold Segmentation operator removed, required core intensity is now an optional parameter of the Intensity Threshold Segmentation operation
  • improved: multi-threading support for Blob Finder
  • improved: pipeline reconfiguration on pixel size or structure changes
  • improved: a better structured context menu in the Annotation window


  • new: Slidebook (.sld) Media Handler
  • new: VGI/VOL Media Handler


  • new: viewer label shows scope name (if useful)
  • movie export: regular video formats (avi, mp4) no longer show a warning when selected
  • measure option in the 2D Viewer has been renamed to "scale bar"

Public Preview

These features or potential new modules are available as a free beta-version during our development process after which they may become purchasable modules. Feedback is very welcome ( ) and will help to further develop the software.

  • Interactive Feature Statistics in the Annotation window with Timeline View to sort, analyze and visualize tracks and features of segments along a track over time
  • 3D Volume fusion & Landmark Registration (Scope Fusion)
    • new: ability to run Scope Fusion at subsampled image data resolution
    • new: copy & paste Scope Fusion transformation parameters
    • new: ability to manually fine-tune landmark-based calculated transformation parameters in Scope Fusion
    • new: last Scope Fusion settings are preserved as long as Vision4D is running
    • improved: Audit trail entries for Scope Fusion
    • new: Info Viewer shows Scope offset