arivis Vision4D 2.12.6 Release Notes August 2017

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 2.12.6 Release Notes -  Version Date: Aug 18, 2017

Release 2.12.6

Visualization in the 4D Viewer

New & improved & fixed in the 4D Viewer and Storyboard

  • new: an option to turn off spline interpolation for the camera in the storyboard to avoid wiggling of the image for a still image in a movie.
  • improved: keyframe interpolation in the Storyboard
  • fix: momentum is now disabled during exports
  • fix: warning before clearing the storyboard
  • fix: closing the storyboard no longer clears keyframes
  • fix: jumping between keyframes now works more reliably
  • fix: channels properly initialized before exporting a movie (Storyboard)


  • improved: NIfTI import (support for very large files)
  • fix: parsing for Olympus VSI series names
  • improved: error checking for Background Correction
  • fix: potential problems with the tag auto complete in the Analysis Pipeline
  • minor stability fixes and improvements for special data sets