arivis Vision4D 3.1.2 Release Notes October 2019

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 3.1.2 Release Notes - Version Date: Oct 08, 2019

Release 3.1.2

  • Several fixes and improvement for import of several file types
  • better support for tiled images
  • improved performance for distance & compartmentalization operations and new option to limit calculation to the closest reference in distance calculations
  • several fixes and improvements in analysis and measurement operations

Data Handling & Import

  • new: reduced file size by using gzip compression by default for new SIS files
  • improved: reliability for multi threaded data access
  • improved: position accuracy for surface visualization
  • fix: problem with distance matrix calculation for the Segment Colocaliziation operator
  • fix: Membrane-Enhancement behaves correctly even with difficult parameters
  • fix: avoid artefacts on textured clipping planes
  • fix: the volume in the High Resolution Rendering was not clipped correctly sometimes
  • fix: error handling for Objectness Measure Filter
  • small fixes in the Intensity Profile

Analysis & Objects

  • improved: performance for distance & compartment operations
  • new: option to limit calculation to the closest reference in distance operation
  • improved: performance for segment modification operation
  • improved: export to CSV is more visible now
  • improved: allow to directly switch the advanced analysis options on & off from the pipeline menu
  • improved: parameter parsing in the Segment Tracker operation
  • improved: indicator buttons in viewer label will open related panels if needed
  • fix: correct tagging objects from multi channel labeled image import
  • fix: potential problems in the Membrance Enhancement filter
  • fix: prevent wrong error messages from histogram calculation job
  • fix: potential problems with charts in master detail view
  • fix: potential error in Membrane Segmenter operation
  • fix: compartmentalization no longer adds children to parents multiple times
  • fix: avoid technical message after upgrading an old pipeline with Blob Finder
  • fix: avoid error with histogram calculation on float data
  • fix: Segment Tracker - timepoint setting works better with Linear Regression and Conal Angle mode
  • fix: arbitrarily structured ImageSets? & input ROI scaling
  • fix: potential crash within the tag autocompletion

4D Viewer

  • fix: potentially incorrect applied opacity
  • fix: clipping planes & Z-scaling