arivis Vision4D 3.3 Release Notes July 2020

Welcome to the arivis Vision4D 3.3 Release Notes - Version Date: July 7, 2020 - 

Release 3.3

Please have a look at the Overview of arivis Vision4D Release notes for features we released in prior versions.

New & Noteworthy

  • new: dynamic scalebar in the 4D Viewer
  • new: scalebar appearance can be customized
  • new: transparency render mode in the 4D Viewer

Object Tools

  • improved: interpolation of complex shapes in the Draw Objects tool
  • improved: Magic Wand preview in the 4D Viewer
  • fix: prevent Magic Wand to create non-touching geometries
  • fix: improved Split Tool behavior while using Z-Scaling in the 4D Viewer
  • fix: potential problem of the Place Object Tool in the 4D Viewer
  • fix: proper tag after using the Split Tool


  • improved: decimal separator handling in some analysis operations
  • improved: speedup for geometry validation (e.g. in the Merge operation)
  • improved: sort order by color in the objects table
  • improved: border calculations for tiled voxel operations
  • fix: change color in the Compartments operation
  • fix: potential crash with the Background Correction operation
  • fix: save Allow Holes parameter for region growing operations
  • fix: problems with imported Ilastik trainings
  • fix: ML filter operation saves/loads channel selection correctly

Import & Data Handling

  • new: support for VGL import
  • improved: support for larger translations in the Volume Fusion
  • fix: potential problem with importing very large Imaris IMS files
  • fix: pixel size and time stamps for ZVI files
  • fix: prevent accidental rounding of the pixel size


  • new: search in the Help app
  • improved: Vision4D launcher
  • improved: ZEN integration: better channel color support
  • improved: error handling in the arivis License Tool
  • fix: possible crash on closing documents