arivis Vision4D 3.5.1 Release Notes November 2021

Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 3.5.1 which was released publicly on 11th Nov 2021.


  • Improved: error handling for missing input channels
  • New: ability to match missing input channels
  • New: more accurate mesh-based calculation methods for surface area and sphericity (using Marching Cubes)
  • New: more accurate mesh-based calculation methods for projected area, roundness, and circumference (using Marching Squares)
  • New: more prominent Add Pipeline button if there are no pipelines in the document so far
  • Fix: preview of analysis operations (e.g. Blob Finder) if the viewer is zoomed out much
  • Fix: avoid a potential crash with an empty Compartments analysis operation
  • Fix: minor UI glitches in the Compartments' input controls
  • Fix: coloring of the output of the Compartments operation
  • Fix: potential crash with Configure Output Channels
  • Fix: problem on reopening a pipeline with Object Math in 'Merge' mode
  • Fix: potential crash with Region Growing's output color configuration
  • Fix: avoid error in the Region Growing operation if used with a large number of input objects
  • Fix: problem with the labeled image export operation
  • Fix: prevent an unwanted change of the current plane on undo of the Input ROI operation
  • Fix: incorrect preview for the Enhancement Filter operation 
  • Fix: prevent problems in the Intensity Profile while modifying channels with a script

Machine Learning:

  • Fix: delay on rename a ML training (objects)
  • Fix: selection behavior in the ML Trainer (Objects)
  • Improved: error indicators in the ML Trainer (Objects) 
  • Improved: don't collapse classes on switching image set in the ML Trainer (Objects)  
  • Improved: ML Trainer (Image) together with object styles
  • Improved: ML Trainer (Objects) preview together with object styles
  • Fix: unexpected stuck with the object classification run
  • Fix: avoid problems with parallel running preview operations in the ML Trainer (Objects)
  • Improved: tag handling on re-run of the object classification (from trainer panel)
  • Fix: more robust test for ML hardware acceleration capabilities
  • Fix: no results if running a ML Segmenter operation using 3D features  


  • Improved: better rounding when calculating feature range for object coloring
  • Fix: chart updates object colors after style changes immediately 
  • Fix: problem if there are more than 999 tags
  • Fix: more reliable tag selection in the remove tags dialog 

4D Viewer & Storyboard:

  • Fix: more reliably finish the preview mode after using the storyboard 
  • Improved: clipping planes in storyboard movie exports
  • Fix: legend more reliable
  • Fix: track children visibility in combination with master details view
  • Fix: potential missing surfaces in storyboard exports
  • Fix: under rare conditions objects were not clipped in storyboard movie exports

Import & Data Handling:

  • Fix: broken Luxendo Big Data Viewer import
  • Fix: better distinction of mosaic and channel-stitching in LaVision OME tiffs
  • New: added GZIp preference switch to the Volume Fusion dialog (for new file results)
  • Improved: order of tiles imported from a CZI
  • Improved: wording for edit support for tiles in manual mode of the Tile Sorter
  • Improved: avoid endless metadata entries in the command history if importing tiled data
  • Fix: prevent a potential crash in the Save Image to VisionHub dialog


  • Improved: allow object classification with launcher configurations
  • Improved: a bunch of minor fixes in the help content
  • Fix: wrong GPU RAM display in the System Check tool
  • Additional minor fixes