arivis Vision4D 3.6 Release Notes February 2022

Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 3.6, released 11 February 2022

New & Noteworthy:

  • New: Deep Learning inference operations in the Analysis Pipeline
  • New: better support for Wellplate data with the new Well Picker panel
  • Improved: Blob Finder analysis operation

Deep Learning:

  • New: Deep Learning inference with GPU support (CUDA) 
  • New: use trained deep learning models to do image reconstruction in the Analysis Pipeline
  • New: use trained deep learning models in the Analysis Pipeline to segment images
  • New: support for the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format
  • New: support for CZMODEL / CZANN Model Specification providing interoperability with ZEN and APEER

Analysis & Objects:

  • New: Blob Finder normalization can now be parameterized in more detail
  • New: exponential mapping for Blob Finder normalization 
  • New: allow manual range for Blob Finder normalization 
  • Improved: Blob Finder progress better reflects normalization step
  • Fix: possible problems with Blob Finder preview
  • Fix: prevent wrong execution in Blob Finder which leads to strange patterns
  • Fix: incorrect progress after stop of the Blob Finder operation 
  • Fix: surprisingly incorrect results after Split Object
  • Fix: save/restore modified object name pattern 

Import & Data Handling:

  • New: export image data to OME Tiff
  • New: Well Picker panel allows to switch between images sets of a well plate easily
  • New: Navigator panel shows well plate coordinates for images sets of a well plate
  • New: support for ZSTD compression in CZI import  
  • Fix: rare problems with importing SVS files
  • Fix: scenes order for CZI imports


  • New: arivis is a ZEISS company now
  • New: ability to select a specific GPU to be used for Machine Learning
  • Improved: better explanation when GPU support for Machine Learning is not available