arivis Vision4D 3.6.1 Release Notes May 2022

Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 3.6.1, released 20 May 2022

This version contains various small fixes and performance improvements: 

        • Improved handling of Machine Learning and Deep Learning analysis pipelines
        • Improved speed and stability of Deep Learning inference
        • Several bug fixes for Analysis Pipeline issues
        • Improved quality of VisionHub interface dialogs
        • Bug Fixes for ZEN bridge 

Full Changelog:


  • new: share analysis pipelines with additional files (e.g. Python scripts or Deep Learning models) as *.zpipeline packages
  • new: allow upload of *.zpipeline packages to arivis VisionHub
  • new: exported analysis pipelines (without additional files) now have the *.pipeline extension
  • fix: ensure stored object features will be shown after opening a dataset on a different computer
  • fix: potential problems when upgrading older analysis pipelines containing a Blob Finder or a Tracking operation
  • fix: prevent possible out of memory problems in the Deep Learning Segmenter operation
  • fix: enable *.czseg as valid extension for DL models
  • fix: clearer error messages for the Seeded Region Growing operation
  • fix: pipeline export dialog memorize last settings better


  • new: using Microsoft Edge WebView2 as base control for web content
  • improved: surface quality for flat datasets
  • fix: apply ZEN intensity mapping correctly when image is transferred via bridge to Vision4D
  • fix: correctly transfer isosurface visibility and clipping between ZEN and Vision4D
  • fix: ensure that a file is closed cleanly even if the process of opening it is aborted