arivis Vision4D 4.0 Release Notes October 2022

Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 4.0, released 30 September 2022

New & Noteworthy:

* New Automatic Neuron Tracing Module: automatic detection, interactive editing, visualization and features of traces in neuron imaging 
* Much cleaner and simplified Object Style UI
* Import Perkin Elmer Operetta and Columbus datasets

Automatic Tracing workflow, optimized for neurons:

* New: introducing a new object type "Trace"
* New: show traces as cones or skeleton in 2D and 3D 
* New: automatic tracing analysis operations with two powerful algorithms
* New: neuron tracing starting with a segment as cell body (or without)
* New: manual trace editing with the Trace Tool
* New: ability to manually split, merge, refine, or simplify trace sections within the Trace Tool
* New: interactive Draw mode to add missing sections or start from scratch (or start from a segment as cell body)
* New: action to split trace components (neurites, cell body) apart 


* New: Tracking operation now saves the center calculation method used
* New: tracks are correctly retained even if their segments have been deleted
* New: track features are computed based on the stored center calculation
* New: Distances operation calculates statistics for the closest n objects
* New: Background Correction operation supports different methods now (including morphology) 
* New: Analysis operations now create object styles to color results 
* New: operation categories "Use segments" and "Use track & groups" are now combined as "Use objects" 
* improved: region growing results contain the complete geometry of seeds now
* improved: performance improvements for feature calculations for tracks and tracked objects
* improved: better support for scaled analysis of very large planes
* improved: handling of large ML trainings
* improved: allow to choose target directory for extracting zpipeline packages
* improved: do not show sample pipelines that use operations not covered by the current license
* fix: missing configure output menu entry 

Object Styles:

* New: simplified style rule UI
* New: each tag has a single style rule now
* New: ability to change the order of processing the style definitions by drag & drop
* New: simplified minimum set of style properties 
* New: create styles with specific style properties for object types tracks and traces
* improved: 2D and 3D style settings have been combined for ease of use
* improved: proper Apply button to save the settings but keep the styles dialog open

Data & Import:

* New: media handler for reading Perkin Elmer Operetta and Columbus datasets
* New: wellplate import scenario
* New: the offset of an image set is displayed more prominently in the Info Viewer
* New: ability to delete all objects of several image sets
* improved: import the names of the channels of an OME TIFF
* improved: export OME TIFF with a newer OME schema (June 2016, version 2)
* fix: sort order for the well field in the Navigator panel


* new: scripting support for the new trace objects
* new: scripting support for the 4D Viewer Storyboard
* improved: 4D Viewer scripting capabilities


* New: remember movie export settings
* New: allow to open the License Tool directly in case the maintenance has expired
* improved: visibility of the reason for a deactivated license (e.g. cloned)
* improved: updated included Sentinel driver to version 8.4
* various bug fixes and stability improvements