arivis Vision4D 4.1.1 Release Notes July 2023

Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 4.1.1, released 25 July 2023

New & Noteworthy:

* Cellpose Segmenter - directly import pre-trained Cellpose models for easy and fast segmentation in the Analysis Pipeline
neurospheres detected with pre-trained cellpose ai model


* new: native Cellpose Segmenter analysis operation (no Python needed)
* new: export a created model from Deep Learning Trainer as CZANN
* improved: Deep Learning - better compatibility with N2V models from ZEISS ZEN
* improved: Allow Holes option is on by default for the DL Segmenter
* improved: better conflict validation when renaming DL trainings
* fix: rare cases where positions of tracks after scaled analysis are incorrect
* fix: potential wrong segment reference for cell body in a trace

4D Viewer:

* improved: auto zoom when double clicking an object is more usable in 4D Viewer
* fix: sometimes traces (in cone display style) were not selectable in 4D Viewer


* new: provide a description and an offline download for optional components in the installer
* fix: improved compatibility for DeltaVision DV import
* fix: What's New opens after an update more reliable
* fix: installer makes sure that no files from former Vision4D versions are left in the installation folder 
* additional small fixes and improvements in the arivis_dl library