arivis Vision4D 4.1 Release Notes March 2023

Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 4.1, released 27 March 2023

New & Noteworthy: 

  • New optional module: arivis AI toolkit features a complete Deep Learning workflow right in Vision4D - annotate, train & inference 
  • Various improvements in the tracing workflow 
  • Wellplate Editor to manually assign imagesets to wells or fields of a well 


arivis AI Toolkit: 

  • new: use the Draw Tool to draw segments to annotate regions for classes 
  • new: utilizing of sparse annotations to overcome the need to draw on every pixel 
  • new: drawn objects are sorted by class order - pixels are assigned to the topmost one (no need to cut out overlaps) 
  • new: add and reuse existing segments for class definition 
  • new: automatic clustering based on annotated backgound possible 
  • new: run and monitor the DL training process right from Vision4D 
  • new: directly open the trained DL model in the Analysis Pipeline for inference 
  • new: export the trained DL model as ONNX 
  • new: additional installer package to setup a whole DL Python environment 


  • new: Draw Tool has a context menu and better keyboard shortcut support 
  • new: Draw Tool is aware of the DL Training panel 
  • new: Draw Tool allows to change class to draw by shortcut or context menu (in DL Trainer mode) 
  • improved: Trace Tool - connect to a cell body segment 
  • improved: Trace Tool - optimized remove branch 
  • improved: 'unable to connect' messages in the Trace Tool are more understandable 


  • new: 'Neuron Tracer' (from the Segmentation category) has been renamed to 'Neurite Tracer' 
  • new: 'Neuron Tracer (from Cell Body)' has been renamed to 'Neuron Tracer' 
  • new: Neuron Tracer preview shows all parts in the same color 
  • new: Neuron Tracer preview shows the filtered parts slighly dimmed (instead of hiding them completely) 
  • improved: parameter labels in the Neuron Tracer are more precise 
  • improved: default threshold value and threshold warnings in the Neuron Tracer 
  • improved: tooltips in the Neuron Tracer 
  • fix: if the tracking operation had a lot of results, it could happen that the last tracks were not displayed 
  • fix: prevent the creation of (almost) empty traces in the Neuron Tracer 
  • fix: ensure that a preview progress label is always displayed immediately 


  • new: display of starting points can be turned off for traces 
  • improved: optimized cone generation for traces in 4D Viewer 
  • improved: fallback to line based visualization if cones for traces would exceed memory 
  • improved: remember last used Z-Projection value for trace visualization in 2D 
  • fix: minor problem with RGB Projection in 4D Viewer 

Data Handling: 

  • new: Wellplate Editor to manually assign imagesets to wells or fields of a well 
  • new: semi-automatic assign imagesets to well or field positions based on the name of the imageset (in the Wellplate Editor) 
  • new: additional import scenario to import wells as imagesets and open the Wellplate Editor afterwards (for manual assignemnt) 
  • fix: some LaVision data could not be imported correctly for TileSorter 
  • fix: problems with some CZI if imported for TileSorter 


  • new: Predictive Analytics service as optional install 
  • new: gRPC service connector 
  • new: ZenBridge is able to work with gRPC service connector (optionally) 
  • improved: included Sentinel driver and HASP Lib have been upgraded to version 8.5 
  • fix: sort order in field selector of Navigator (for wellplate data) 
  • fix: rare crash in the Transform Surface dialog 
  • additional minor fixes and improvements