Arivis Vision4D licensing FAQ

This document includes the most common questions concerning the licensing usage and setup.

Arivis License Tool - FAQ

What is a product key?
A product key is used to create a license key for a selected computer to run our software. This process is called product key activation and requires internet access. You can activate a product key on a computer directly online or use manual activation to create a license key for a different computer that has no internet access.
What is a license key?
A license key is what allows you to run our software. A license key is created for a specific computer using a finger print of the computer's hardware. A license key is bound to that hardware but can be transferred to a different computer if needed.
How do I activate my product key?
Select Online Activation in the arivis license tool, enter your product key and click Activate. This will create a license for your computer.
How do I activate a product key for a computer without internet access?
If your computer does not have internet access you can use Manual Activation:
1. Start the arivis license tool on the computer for which you want to create a license
· Select Manual Activation and click Create Finger print
· Save the finger print to a file
2. Start the arivis license tool on a secondary computer with internet access
· Select Manual Activation and click Request License Online
· Select the finger print file created in step 1
· Enter your product key and Click Request License
· Save to created license to a file
3. Start the arivis license tool on the computer you used in step 1
· Select Manual Activation and click Install License
· Select the license file you created in step 2
This will create and install a license for the computer used in step 1 and 3.
Installing a license driver?
Installing a license key on a computer requires a license driver software to be installed. If the driver is not installed the arivis license tool will notify you and install the license driver.
To manually install the driver, start the arivis license tool, click on Show more and select Install Driver. This will install the required license driver.
Note: Windows User Account Control may ask for permission to install the software on your computer. You must allow the software to run in order to install the driver.


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