arivis VisionVR 3.6 Release Notes December 2021

arivis is excited to announce the latest release of its industry-leading Virtual Reality solution for interactive exploration of scientific imaging data. December 23, 2021

New headsets: broader range of supported headsets thanks to OpenXR support (HP Reverb G2, Valve Index, Varjo Aero..)
* Support of object styles (different display types like approximation or centroids, tag based styling, separate VR settings)
* VR user interface: Main menu now opens at current view direction and is movable (Grab button + thumbstick)
* Locomotion: option to move yourself around with the right thumbstick (experimental)
* Collaboration: spectators can move around using the right thumbstick, and also turn their view with the thumbstick
* Collaboration: session owner can be changed
* Collaboration: Locomotion with right thumbstick for all users, rotate with thumbstick for spectators
* Bookmarks: now containing optional render mode and visible channels
* Bookmarks: various other improvements (sorting in VR)
* Counting: Create or delete classes within VR
* Time series: Optimized loading for playing time series
* VR Stories: UI improvements
* Help: adding content for collaboration and VR tools usage
* Various stability improvements and bugfixes

* Fully compatible with Vision4D 3.5.1