arivis VisionVR 3.6.2 Release Notes - November 2022

Summary of changes in arivis VisionVR 3.6.2, released 11 November 2022

This release contains minor bug fixes and improvements:

  • Headsets: added missing detection of HTC Vive Cosmos and HTC Vive Focus 3 controller
  • Environment: added way to rotate the initial view when entering VR
  • Collaboration: Disallow local file paths as data URI

  • Camera: Allow to rotate the DefaultOrigin, and save as EnvironmentRotation in preferences

  • Fixed an issue which could cause the tool mode switch using the left thumbstick to stop working

  • Fixed an issue with retrieving bookmarks

  • Collaboration: Fixed locale-dependent problems of the Session wizard, improved internal data handling

  • highDPI: handle display scalings correctly in VR-UI and collaboration UI elements

  • VR.Viewer: fixed unhandled exception with OS detection in restricted environments