arivis VisionVR 3.4 Release Notes April 2021

arivis is excited to announce the latest release of its industry-leading Virtual Reality solution for interactive exploration of scientific imaging data. April 9, 2021

NEW: VR Stories / VR Journeys

  • Record movies in VR in two modes: Key frame-based or continuous recording 
  • Export high-quality “publication-ready” movies
  • First-person view or camera view
  • Multiple transition modes for smooth interpolation between keyframes
  • Tools for Recording, Replay, Editing in VR space
  • Tools for Recording, Replay, Editing on Desktop
  • Export HQ movie in various resolutions up to 8K as MP4 (incl. 360 movies)
  • Export as “VR Journey” kind of a 360° slide show

NEW: Transparency Render Mode

  • New rendering mode that is particularly suitable for dense, cubic 3D imaging data
  • Provides a shaded and semi-transparent data representation similar to volumetric rendering
  • Applies gradient modulation to enhance edges and generally improve the signal-to-noise ratio for dense datasets


  • Double-click restore support in VR
  • Rename, import and export of bookmarks
  • ‘Open bookmarks’ shortcut in VR Tool menu

IMPROVEMENTS: VR Collaboration

  • Pause and resume dataset downloads
  • Alternative session layout (circle, theater)
  • Adjustable initial distance from the center
  • Network connectivity and stability improvements(better firewall support, more user feedback)
  • Session reset feature
  • Kiosk mode: Image Set Cache for demo sessions (fast switching between Image Sets)
  • Kiosk mode: More flexibility (improved configuration options)


  • Support of sub-pixel precise manual tracks
  • Create manual tracks with precise sized ellipsoid segments

Other improvements:

  • Support of sub-pixel precise marker
  • Ellipsoid segment creation tool (allows pixel-precise size adjustment)
  • Improved support for import of Volume Graphics™ VOL/VGL files
  • General bugfixes, speed & UI improvements
  • Scripting support (experimental)
  • Improved help content (desktop and VR)
  • Fully compatible with Vision4D 3.4