arivis VisionVR 4.0 Release Notes December 2022

arivis VisionVR 4.0 Release Notes December 6, 2022

  • Traces: Full VR visualization of Trace Objects
  • Traces: Added 2D tracing tools
  • Opacity panel: new Invert feature
  • Layers: new Main Menu settings sub-page to configure the visibility of all object layers
  • Tool Menu: Visibility panel now filled dynamically with user favorites (up to 4 object layers)
  • VisionHub: Support for upload and download of images, objects and pipeline results to and from VisionHub servers
  • Tracking: Speed improvements and introduction of different center types for segment-based track spots
  • Tracking: changed default behaviour for manually created tracks with segments (now center of geometry is used)
  • VR Voice control: experimental support of voice commands to control render settings and object visualization
  • Preferences: Automatical "Prepare objects" after opening documents can be disabled
  • Headsets: added support of the Pico 4 (via SteamVR streaming)
  • Help: small improvements, updated requirements...
  • Various usability improvements and bugfixes
  • Fully compatible with Vision4D 4.0