SIS Converter (Pro) 4.1 Release

Announcing the latest release of the arivis SIS Converter and arivis SIS Converter Pro

New features:

  • Drag & Drop of folders including several files with the specification of conversion type - multiple input files to be merged or converted independently (1:1)
  • Improved handling to avoid unintentional overwriting of image data
  • Option to add data as new Image Sets if there is already a target file with the same name
  • Define behavior if a target file already exists (Preference option)
  • Import of Inspector OBF/MSR data
  • Support for the newest LaVision OME format


  • Pixel size for multiple image sets using custom import
  • CZI import with different pixel types (in one data set)
  • Possible problem with Nikon ND2 import for pre-stitched data
  • Avoid conversion history corruption
  • Small UI glitches
  • Separate Start Menu entries for the free and the pro version
  • Avoid infinite loop with the same source and destination folders (SIS Converter PRO)
  • Improved robustness for unexpected termination